InfoTrak Hosted Solutions

InfoTrak Cloud is a hosted software platform which means the software is available over the Internet, where as on premise software is downloaded and installed on local computers or servers, and requires you to manage it yourself.

This is also commonly called S.A.A.S “Software As A Service”

What this means for you is

Faster Set up
With cloud-based software, you can be up and running in 60 seconds. Once you register, you receive instant access to your InfoTrak System.

No IT-related Costs
Cloud-based  software is hosted on our servers so there are no costs relating to server hardware and maintenance, operating system licensing, network configuration or information technology (IT) support. You make use of your existing IT infrastructure such as computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Access Anywhere
InfoTrak Cloud can be accessed from any Internet connection anywhere in the world. There is no need to configure firewalls and grant access to certain Internet protocol (IP) addresses when users are at home or on the road.

Mobile technology is changing the way businesses work today. Tablets and smartphones are the must-have business accessory as they increase efficiency and productivity like never before.  That’s Why we allow you to use InfoTrak Mobile for your convenience

Managed Database
With on premise software, you must back up your database to another server at regular intervals or risk losing all your important data if your hard drive fails on your server or computer. This includes all your asset and work-order history.

With InfoTrak we maintain backups which are included in the subscription price. Cloud We store the data on redundant servers in multiple locations, protecting you from hardware failures and even natural disasters. Many promise more than 99-percent uptime so you can be sure your Data will be available when you need it.

Database Security
This is our specialty, we deal with databases and security, you deal with the data and inspections of your fleet. It’s one way of saying let’s stick to what we both good at.
We are responsible for data protection, anti-virus updates, secure logins and data encryption. This gives you peace of mind knowing your data is safe.

24/7 Monitoring
With on premise software, if the server goes down, you must wait until your IT guy can get it running again. If this happens over the weekend, the System could be down for hours at a time. InfoTrak Cloud-hosted applications reside on servers that are monitored around the clock. The servers typically are co-located in facilities that house other Internet applications, so the costs of monitoring can be spread across the entire customer base. Technicians are onsite and ready to get servers up and running again quickly.

System Maintenance and Software Updates
Keeping your software up to date is crucial. Software updates offer new features, improvements and workflows that continually increase your efficiency. Upgrades also introduce patches, fixes and security updates that address any bugs in the system.

With cloud-based software, updates are included in the subscription, so you always have the latest version Available to you

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