What is Oil Commander?

Oil commander is a complete web based machine management system that provides the ability to track, analyse and manage the condition of a fleet through fluid samples. Users are given the analytical tools required to accurately view and manipulate sample data, send it to required personnel and complete recommended actions. The system’s design gives users the ability to monitor and resolve equipment and component issues before they result in costly down time or replacement.


A laboratory system to manage raw fluid samples through analysis, interpretation and issue of reports electronically or otherwise. The system focuses on monitoring laboratory and individual performance while using automation to reduce labour and costs.


A customer portal allows you to view the sample details and utilise graphical analysis tools to better understand the results and the corrective actions that may be required in order to achieve and possibly extend component life. Communications and corrective actions taken can be logged, while budgets of component remaining life adjusted based on the current condition of the component, all critical to managing your cost per hour of equipment operation.

24/7 Friendly Support
Your business relies on our commitment and high standards of customer support, client communication and quality control. We take this responsibility very seriously.
Flexible Reports
Flexible reporting options for any customer including hard copy, PDF, Excel and web services.
Automated Notifications
Dashboard and reminder e-mails sent to ensure every sample is collected and all interested parties are notified about sample status.
Colour Coding
The entire system is configured using colour coding to monitor and differentiate between the varying sample statuses.
Improve Efficiency
Enable a more time efficient and responsive environment for the management of fluid samples and the required actions emanating from the sample results.
Mobile App
Our smart phone and tablet compatible app enable you to gather data in the field while also providing a quick review of your equipment condition and maintenance status.
Barcode System for Speed
Labour saving features such as label printing with barcodes speeds the registration process at the clients jobsite and in the laboratory and ensures greater accuracy of data.
Full System Log
All sample data and images in one place, including a historical log of communications and actions taken, ensuring full accountability and traceability.
Key Performance Indicators
Key Performance Indicators are comprehensively covered in the included reporting tools. Time stamping enables tracking of sample delivery and processing performance times.
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